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    Send SMS from website to a smart or regular cell phone

    As low as 1 CENT per message
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    Make phone calls from website to any cell phone or landline

    As low as 4 CENTS per minute
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  • Airport Pickup

    Book reliable and safe airport pickup at nominal cost.

    Starting as low as $30

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    Student living at student cost.
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    • This is such a cool concept and much needed one...I've had 20 yrs of picking and dropping students and settling them in colleges...my family(young siblings) and my extended family(nieces and nephews) from the middle east and Asia.
      Reshma Hyder, mom of three current college students
    • Studentpickup.com is a student’s dream come true. This service helps make something that can be so stressful into a totally painless experience.
      Peter Le , The Peter Le Store, Inc
    • One roof platform to make your stay comfortable and studies easier.
      Bharti Aggarwal , Principal Recruiter, ruralnaukari.com
    • Like your idea and your entrepreneurial spirit
      Hagen, younilife.com
    • I have a big tention that how can I get pick up service and how it works.When i come to your site it fill me quite relief
      SJSU student , via email
    • The services you are offering are really very helpful..(and especially the phone thing)
      Pavithran M, Prospective student to UCSB
    • Amazing job you guys have done.
      Anuj Mongia , Claremont Graduate Univ student,via chat
    • Good service at an affordable price. International students always wanted help with accommodation. My parents were really happy to see this.
      Ankita Nagpal
    • I was little apprehensive to start with but glad I went with them. I think getting phones from them was very helpful. Made my life easier
      Harpreet Sohal
    • The pick up was perfect. Driver expected me at the baggage claim and was very friendly. Further the Hotel was a good stay for the short time. So thank you for your assistance. You make it much more easier to start my time at CA. I will contact again
      Torben Melzig
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  • Simple. Safe. Affordable

    World's first specialized services for students traveling abroad for studies.
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      Our services ease the transition of an international student when they first enter the United States.

      Through our website, we help students to look beyond the student life and educate themselves on what it takes to settle in the United States, post studies.

      American experience starts with studentpickup!

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