Our Mission

We believe in making life of an international student easier and safer. The way we achieve this is by providing guidance and resources in early days of arrival. And we happen to offer essential services such as airport pickup, accommodation, phone communication and SMS communication. Are you ready to make your life simpler?

Who we are?

We are your friends in a foreign country

Founded in 2012 by former international students, the goal of studentpickup is to remove ambiguity when a student lands in a foreign country.We not only help students to get settled in their early days of arrival to the United States but also make sure they are safe.

Who we cater to?

We cater to International Students coming to United States for higher studies, exchange students, and transfer students taking university transfer.

Why choose us?

Answer is simple. We were once in your shoes and we know the confusion and frustration of an international student. We will be your guide and guardian from the moment you land to the first day of classes. We provide the basic elements for a fantastic start to your higher education at affordable prices.